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Our exceptional service, stunning cabinets, and high-quality countertops speak for themselves. Below, you’ll find examples of some of our favorite projects, as well as detailed descriptions of the project scopes.

Modern Cabinetry & Exceptional Project Management at the Hudson

Plaza Construction created a stunning 5-story, 71 unit condo development in Jersey City, New Jersey. Facing the Hudson River, the Shore Lane project was designed with a high-end touch. Every aspect of the condo was designed with elegance in mind, and Plaza Construction wanted their cabinets to be no different.


We combined a high-quality grey paint finish with a metal mesh insert to give their cabinets a one-of-a-kind, modern look. For the vanities, we installed cabinets that fit into a metal frame, which blended perfectly with the project spec. We furnished the cabinets and sourced them through our custom shops overseas to match every little detail of the architecture designs. We also provide our premium project management team, who worked side by side with the client from start to end.


In such complicated designs, shop drawings should be a high priority during the submittal stage;


Revisions can go back and forth, and the drawings need the proper attention of an in-house drafter. Our in-house drafter provided accurate shop drawings during the submittal stage so the client had plenty of time to review.


After the Shore Lane project was completed, the client expressed multiple times that he had never experienced such a patient project manager who always had the right attitude and was fully committed to the project. Our team fabricated and delivered the cabinets perfectly to client satisfaction while bringing in a protection touch-up team that made the final product look professional.

First-Rate Communication, Cabinets, & Countertops on Park Ave

Mountco Construction created an affordable housing development with 249 Units on 4275 Park Ave. in the Bronx, New York. Although the property would be affordable, they wanted cost-effective cabinets and countertops that would be durable and elegant. The cabinet Spec was a solid maple flat door with a plywood framed cabinet box.


Before they put our team to work, the client was in a difficult situation where they could not move onto the next step in project development. It was an extremely frustrating situation, and they knew they needed someone with project management skills to help them get the project back on track.


We then came on board with our Strategic Package to provide Mountco Construction with the attention and project management team they needed. We were always on time with top-level communication each step of the way. In the end, they walked away with a completed project, no open items, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Cost-Effective Kitchen & Bath Solutions for Saratoga Springs

Trinity Construction took on an affordable housing development with 90 units in Saratoga Springs, New York. The cabinet spec was a solid birch shaker panel full overlay door with a plywood framed cabinet box. Considering the fact that the project had 3 buildings, they knew they needed to work with someone who would give them meticulous attention to detail while staying in budget.


The cabinet Spec was a solid birch shaker panel full overlay door with a plywood framed cabinet box. In addition to providing our superior project management services, our team furnished and installed kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as quartz countertops. We also sourced imported cabinetry and stocked them locally to cut costs and downtime.


In the end, Trinity Construction received a completed project and the peace of mind. They stayed well below budget and had a little leftover to dedicate to other aspects of the project

Signature Customer Service for Signature Communities

Signature Communities, LLC, a construction organization based out of New Jersey, reached out to us for assistance on a renovation project in West New York. The layout of the existing unit was tricky and required brainstorming on our part to help the company make the most out of the space. To fit the luxury look Signature Communities had created, we selected design finishes that gave the cost-effective cabinets a high-end feel.


After the project was completed, the client complimented our organizational filing system and the way our staff was always ready to help. We delivered a beautiful custom product for a reasonable price—without sacrificing on the quality of the workmanship.


Each project is unique, but our team strives to provide professional, systematic service every time. Signature Communities’ renovation project was wrapped up with no holes or loose ends. Everything was completed on time and correctly.

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