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The HNL Kitchen & Bath Solutions Process3

Now more than ever, the last thing you should have to deal with is a bad subcontractor. At HNL Kitchen & Bath Solutions, we understand how frustrating it can be when your subcontractor doesn’t provide you with the quality and attention you deserve.

That’s why we treat each client as our only client. Whether you’re working on a high-rise condo or medical facility, with our team by your side, you can feel confident knowing your cabinets and countertops are in the best hands possible.

We Provide Peace of Mind, Not Headaches

A good subcontractor can mean the difference between getting the most value out of a project or barely breaking even. You shouldn’t lose money and sleep, trying to clean up a mess someone else created.


HNL Kitchen & Bath Solutions’ one-of-a-kind turnkey process provides you with a full range of all types of cabinetry in the current market, promoted by architects and designs. We also provide in-house shop drawings, product data submittals, field measuring, product ordering and quality control, delivery, installation, and much more. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your project runs smoothly—even after our part is completed.


Our hand-picked project manager, superintendent, and project coordinator will oversee the delivery and installation of your cabinets or countertops, checking for quality and accuracy. We’ll stay on time and within budget, without any unexpected hiccups or delays. And we won’t leave until it’s done right.


Each project is managed using Construction Online, a software that allows you to track every aspect of the job wherever you are.


Our experienced team provides an unparalleled level of quality, reliability, and consistency from your initial consultation and scope meetings to the delivery and installation. Schedule your free consultation to get started today.

hnl kitchens

We Might be a Good Fit for Your Project if:

hnl kitchens

Custom and standard high-quality cabinets & countertops

hnl kitchens

On-site as-builts, detailed shop drawings, & extensive quality control

hnl kitchens

Turnkey process includes supply and installation

hnl kitchens

A team of experts custom-picked to oversee your entire project

hnl kitchens

Extensive attention given to you and your project

hnl kitchens

Track schedule, submittals, deliveries and punch out with our online client portal

  • Do you offer payment extensions?
    We offer two options on payment extensions. The first is advance billing. With advance billing, we send the bill prior to the service being completed, so you have the time to collect the funds and pay as needed. The second payment extension option applies if a general contractor cannot finance on their own or cannot get the owners to agree to our chain of payment system. In this case, we help with financing to give the GC up to 60 days to pay on an invoice. These services will be provided either from our in-house finance partners or by trusted third-party financial firms, which will add an additional fee on the project budget. And, of course, it will need to go through a credit check for the financial health of the company.
  • Will you get us a better deal if we combine multiple products?
    Every project is unique, so we consider every project as it is by itself. That said, we value loyalty and trust. We welcome accounts that source their projects to us all or most of the time and we will add additional discounting for that level of loyalty.
  • What packages do you offer?
    1. The Premium Package - $7,900 Average Per Unit With this full turnkey package, you don't need to worry about anything within the kitchen and bathroom area. We will take the stress off your plate by handling the full process of design, delivery, and install of the cabinets and countertops. 2. The Strategic Package - $5,300 Average Per Unit When you have a separate supplier and installation team, you risk potential finger-pointing and lack of accountability. The Strategic Package ensures that our team is responsible for every part of your cabinetry. 3. The Convenience Package - $3,900 Average Per Unit If you already have a team you can trust and just need a supplier you can trust, we’re here to help. With the Convenience Package, we’ll be the lead contractor on the design and supply of the cabinets.
  • How long have you been in business?
    Our firm officially opened back in 2015, but a vast majority of our upper-level team have many years of experience in the cabinetry industry, specifically in multi-family construction projects.
  • What are your payment terms?
    As you may know, industry standards for general contractors are to “Pay on Pay” when owners pay. We structure our terms with our clients to match our suppliers terms, along with the pay on pay term, so they can provide owners with a secured pay cycle from the owners down to the last sub-sub contractor. This process also eliminates the risk of payment delays on subs, which can cause delays on a project.
  • What is your price range?
    It depends. The price of our services is like a grocery cart: the cost depends what items and how many items you put in your basket. After working in this industry for years, we have a clear idea of what most projects need. That's why we offer three packages to help you choose the right services and price for you.
  • Do you have your own manufacturer or do you outsource? Overseas or local?
    Most of our products we outsource. We only work with qualified companies who adhere to our strict standards of quality and service. For our high-end custom line, we partner with several factories where we produce our cabinets to our own specs.
  • How long will it take shop drawings to arrive?
    On average, the lead time on first submission will be three weeks from contract sign off and one week for re-submissions thereafter.
  • Do you only offer turnkey processes, or can I just have supply?
    Yes, we can provide you with supply only. With our Convenience Package, you’ll receive supply and only apply the basics of project management including shop drawing submittals, field measuring, and inspections.
  • How long does it take to get an estimate?
    An average estimate will take about two weeks from plans received to proposal submission. We pay close attention to the estimate’s accuracy and thoroughness. We’ll provide an RFI and work with the general contractor to make sure every aspect of the project is covered and we are all on the same page. Quality estimating is key and the foundation of a good project execution.
  • Do you have your install team in-house or do you hire subcontractors?
    We hire qualified and experienced subcontractors for our install work. This gives us the ability to keep our crews on each and every project, so they can provide the attention each project deserves, rather than keeping up our own crews and trying to fulfill their time between multiple projects. That said, we do have an in-house project manager and coordinators that oversee the quality of work and timelines.
  • Do you offer all types of cabinets?
    Yes we do. We have all types of cabinets including framed or frameless, super complexity cabinet structures, and design from most prestigious designers in today’s market. We offer all types of materials, such as wood veneers, high gloss lacquers, and laminates. We have even provided stainless steel cabinet doors for a residential development. See our product page for more details!
  • What areas do you serve?
    Our Strategic Package is only available for projects within a 100 miles radius of our headquarters in Monroe, New York. However, our Convenience Plan and Affordable Plan are available nationwide with some restrictions or within a 100 miles radius for the full turnkey process.
  • Can you go lower on price?
    If we could, we’d give away projects for free! Unfortunately, to provide high-quality goods and a trained team of project managers, we need to charge a reasonable rate. In our experience, when a subcontractor offers a low-ball price, the person who suffers the most is the customer. We keep our prices as fair and reasonable as possible, to protect our customers and ensure the company can grow and serve for many years to come. The lowest package price we offer, the Affordable Package, is extremely competitive and designed to help you get the most value from your investment. With our affordable package, we don’t just drop off cabinets and walk away. It’s designed to suit contractors who have a large and skilled team on staff that can handle project management and work with us side by side to ensure you have a smooth experience and the perfect cabinets.
  • What’s the timeframe?
    The timeframe in production of cabinets usually depends on the level of customization. Fully custom products will take from an 8 week to a 10 week lead time if produced locally. If the product is imported, you will need to add 4 weeks for shipping by sea. And remember, there is always a need to add much more time in advance of actual installation of cabinets to allow time for submittals and field verifications.

Select the Perfect Cabinets for Your Project

All of our cabinetry meets ADA Compliance, adhering to the rules and regulations of handicap accessible requirements. This includes special base cabinet heights, as well as removable sink base cabinets and vanities for future accessibility.


We also provide HUD approved with pressure treated TK and fixed built-in shelving. Explore our wide selection of cabinet styles and features below!

Framed Cabinets

Using traditional American carpentry techniques, HNL builds beautiful framed cabinets, all easily customized for endless design capabilities.


Here, the rails and stiles come together in a classic frame at the forefront of the structure, adding interesting dimension and a stable showcase for your door panels.


Framed cabinets are built with plywood for superior structural stability and moisture resistance. Crafted of multiple layers of wood veneer, this hard-wearing material is sturdy and scratch-resistant for powerful everyday performance.


Advantages: Strength, durability, versatility

hnl kitchens

Choose Framed or Frameless

hnl kitchens
Frameless Cabinets

For a sleeker, more modern aesthetic, our craftsmen incorporate advanced European manufacturing methods to create stunning frameless cabinetry.


This contemporary design with full overlay doors grants users full access to the cabinet’s interior, providing greater storage space and a cleaner appearance.


Frameless cabinets can be built with plywood or particle board. Our high-grade, low-cost particle board is exceptionally dense, warp resistant, and highly durable. It’s ideal for supporting shelves, drawers, and fixtures of all kinds.

Advantages: Chic, roomy, unconventional

Choose Your Door Style

hnl kitchens
Recess Profile
hnl kitchens
hnl kitchens
Raised Panel
hnl kitchens

Select from a vast assortment of popular and rare cabinet veneers cut from the world’s finest wood species. Rift sawn from hardy oak, walnut, and other varieties, each product delivers long-lasting strength and rich, vibrant color for a fabulous natural look:

• Oak

• Hickory

• Cherry

• Walnut

• Birch

• Alder

• Maple

• Pecan

• Mahogany

Choose Your Hardware / Accessories

From knobs and pulls to sturdy bars, plates and hinges, HNL handles every custom element from start to finish. Unique J-pull handles add contemporary luxury, while beveled finger pulls bring modernist flair.


Whatever your taste, we have hardware to match. We also carry Blum Hardware, one of the most popular high-end brands for soft-close drawers.

Drawer Box

hnl kitchens

Dovetail Drawers

Stunning wood planks join together seamlessly in the highly resilient dovetail style, providing a polished look that can withstand decades of wear and tear.

hnl kitchens

Blum Tandem Drawers

Blum's breakthrough drawers set a new standard for smooth gliding action and soft-close elegance, turning even the most well-trafficked kitchen into a sanctuary.

Drawer Tracks

hnl kitchens

Side-Mount Tracks

Fitting virtually any drawer depth, our durable ball-bearing drawer slides boast full extension, excellent ease of movement and the softest close available.

hnl kitchens

Under-Mount Tracks and Soft Close

For better sanitation, superior control and smooth coasting, under-mount glides offer aesthetic appeal to match their sleek, self-closing, soft-close convenience.

Door Hinges

hnl kitchens

European-Style Hinges

We offer European style hinges with 6-way adjustability and built-in soft close mechanisms.

hnl kitchens

Handles & Knobs

The revel is in the details. When the handles, knobs and other pull-ware are crafted to HNL standards, the entire kitchen feels that much better to the touch. We will pre-drill your cabinet doors when cabinets are made with our custom lines.

Select Your Countertop Material

hnl kitchens


hnl kitchens

Solid surface

hnl kitchens


hnl kitchens

Plastic laminate

hnl kitchens

Cultured marble

Your Project Deserves Excellence

At HNL Kitchens & Bath, our turnkey process ensures every aspect of your cabinetry is handled with care and heart, so you can have peace of mind knowing it will be done the right way. Schedule a consultation now, and let’s get to work.

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