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How much value is your time of the day for yourself and your team?

How to manage time for yourself and your team

Time management is challenging. Just when you think you have control of your day, the phone rings or that email pops up to let you know that something is going to derail your plans.

Or maybe you have scheduled a work crew for a particular project, and find out only an hour ahead of time that your subcontractor can't work at your jobsite that day. Are you nodding your head and remembering the last time that happened?

We get it. Managing time is hard. In fact, it's impossible. The thing is, no matter what you do, there are only 24 hours in a day. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day. True yesterday, true today, and true tomorrow.

So what?

Here are some ways to approach time management with a new set of eyes:

  1. Block time so you keep your priorities straight. Use a 24-hour calendar and block out time for your family, sleep, exercise, eating, rest, entertainment, and other personal activities. Go ahead. Schedule time for YOUR priorities.

  2. Now, block time for standard work activities. Many people find that scheduling an hour or two at the beginning of the day is more productive. If your schedule tends to slow down in the afternoon, then block off this time for routine activities. The thing is, you have to schedule time, or these activities will fall by the wayside and never get done.

  3. Schedule meetings, jobsite visits, subcontractor check-ins, etc. with enough time in between for travel, checking e-mail, or following up on phone calls or conversations with your employees. Allow a little margin in your day which means you can shift activities with less stress and overwhelm.

  4. Finally, delegate. Construction is like a team sport, and you deserve to share your load with responsible employees and teaming partners. Hire employees and subcontractors you can trust to help you deliver excellent projects.

The best way to manage time? Let go of the idea that there's never enough of it. Your calendar is your friend, and making time for your personal life is critical. Leave room in your schedule for unanticipated events and allow space to think or learn something new.

At HNL Kitchen & Baths, we help Builders, Developers and Architects manage their time by delivering what we promise. Consider our team of professionals as an extension of your team, and let us know when you need a helping hand with additional cabinet and countertop supply and installation services.

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