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The advantage of technology in construction

The advantage of technology in construction

Generally speaking, you can ask yourself, how can we build a project with digital technology? Physical labor won't go away so quickly. We need hard working people to plan the project, build the project and complete the project. So where and why is technology so valuable in construction ?

The biggest thing where technology comes into play is communication and organization.

Which both are key for a project's success, With so many variables to manage on site at once, proper coordination among these different people becomes one of their most important tasks - especially if there are deadlines that need meeting along with other requirements.

Project managers used to have a lot of work cut out for them before the project management software became available. They would need to call subcontractors daily, make sure they were on track with schedule and submitted paperwork; it was difficult when there wasn't an easy way of keeping control between themselves and subs or GC (subcontractor). Punch list items wandered all over emails in hard copy paper form. Reporting progress could be tough too because everything had its place differently. It made project management such an endeavor and very time consuming!

The technology brought us to a point where all the data of our project that is important and valuable can be monitored with ease. The following are some of the benefits in today's technology software's

  • Scheduling is on a live Gantt Chart

  • RFIs are tracked and responded

  • Submittals are listed with real time approval info

  • Installation progress is being updated constantly

  • Punch list is uniquely listed and updated along the way

  • Change order tracking.

  • And so much more  

If you wake up in the middle of night with something bothering your mind about a delivery, if it was confirmed or not- You simply go on the portal and get the answer 100%. You will then have a great rest of sleep the whole night...

That's all good when all parties are cooperating together by logging the data into the software. If a sub or GC is missing some parts to enter properly, Then it can actually create chaos. and conflicts could arise between other communication systems being used like email etc.

It is important to have a conversation with your sub /GC/owners, so they can see what technology you are using and if it's something that would work for their organization.

I am often being asked by others in the trade, how we manage to update our portal constantly with all perfect information. This can be a time sensitive situation, important information might get forgotten and actually have the need to hire people to constantly update the system, which can be expensive..

But the truth is that this thought is totally wrong. Here is why, If a company is running without systems in place, on how everything is getting done in a collaborative way, then this question makes sense. But that shouldn't be the case and you shouldn't work with a sub like that.

The real way to operate with today's technology is that the data entry is actually happening while the work is being done as one chain of action. There is no need to follow up with data entry, no need to hire people to run it, no worries to miss out anything, no delays to get proper information. All is happening in real time so nothing is left behind. That's the power of technology in construction.

We at HNL Kitchens & Bath multi family Solution, are proud to be working with today's most cutting-edge technology in project management software for construction. Where we project manage every little detail of the project where the client can get real time data information on our portal. (Look it up at which helps them to be proactive with all other trades and avoid costly consequences otherwise.

Communication and Organization are our strongest core values. Our company stands for that belief and is well known by our clients to be the foundation on which successful projects are built.

Give us a reach to discuss your project for a better future experience. 

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