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The benefit of early buyout in Construction! .

How will a design and pre construction team benefit from a cabinet sub in the early stage of the project ?

Sometimes you might think, do I need to buy the cabinet trade that early? It will only get installed after my building is up so there's time for research and negotiation...

That might be true from a non-strategic perspective.

Buying cabinets as early in pre-construction phase can give you an advantage on cost and quality of project performance.

Here is a list of what you will gain from early buyouts.

  • The Cabinet Expert can assist the design team in avoiding any discrepancies when it comes to drawing details for cabinets.

  • The cabinet expert can consult many different budgets and still get the maximum design benefits.

  • Get 100% CD drawings with most effective quality drawing details

  • By locking in the numbers with your sub early, you benefit from their consonant involvement in the project cycle while the price is the same if you would buy the cabinets later in the game.

  • By having the cabinet sub from the get go, you can coordinate all trades at the same time to avoid missing elements that can conflict later on in the project schedule

  • Shop drawing submittals can be submitted without the rush, to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Production schedule can be monitored more effectively while we have enough time in schedule.

  • By having more time for production, you can consider an imported product which can save you a lot of money on the cost of the product.

  • By signing a contract early on with the right sub you want to have on board, your company will avoid constant disruptions from so many other sales people who are just looking for an opportunity.

Hiring HNL Kitchens & Bath Solutions is a great way to ensure you get the most for your money. We work closely with our customers during pre-design, design and construction phases so that they can enjoy an excellent experience from start to finish!

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