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There is a way of doing things better

There is a way of doing things differently to help your challenges in construction. step up and do the right thing.

Choosing subcontractors can be overwhelming. You do the leveling process, making sure bids are matching apples to apples, you are looking through the numbers, you just can't make a firm decision who should be your partner on the jobsite. Finally you choose one of them and most likely the one with the lower price.. The job starts rolling and the sub you chose is simply messing up by not communicating effectively and things get frustrated.

In reality, does it really need to be that way?

Besides the leveling sheet there are core values in each company that you cannot match apples to apples. And in fact they are the most important of a project's success.

Ask yourself the following questions 

  • What is communication defined by your subcontractor ?

  • How do they manage when more projects come in their door to make sure no other project falls behind ?

  • Are the payment terms of the contract aligned with their capabilities in regards to project cash flow and finance ?

  • What is their process of assuring the schedule is being kept on time ?

  • How are they keeping track of every aspect of the project performance to catch up issues enough in advance to avoid problems 

By simply knowing your own core values and having a conversation with your subs up front can avoid a lot of issues down the road, that will save you time, money and lots of frustration.

If you are looking for proper core values on your projects, then look no further than Hiring our team HNL Kitchens & Bath Solutions.

We will do the following for you...

  • Help you with pre design consultation to maximize ROI and how to save wasted money on the job.

  • Get an estimate that you count on to install.

  • Proactive communication at every step of the way.

  • Qualified team to manage the project from start to end.

  • High tech quality shop drawings to visualize the installation before its production.

  • Up to date technology with 24/7 Online portal to track and monitor schedule,

  • Quality control for production to assure all details are met

  • Coordinate with other trades and field conditions to assure a proper incorporated execution.

  • Proactive informative process to get you information before you ask.

  • Sub tier lien waivers to assure a smooth cash flow on the job not to cause any delays.

  • On Site delivery inventory check off by our Superintendent.

  • We are always available for you

  • And much more

There is a way for Help when it comes to Kitchens and bath trade on your multi family construction project.

Reach out to us by filling out the form below for a free consultation.

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